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FZ-Forza is a Danish brand founded 25 years ago by professional players at the highest level. Wanting to offer a real innovation in this sport, the brand appealed at Aalborg University (Denmark), leader in the innovation of materials, to design and develop unique to the State of the art products. The reputation of Danish designers was more to do and took advantage to FZ-Forza, offering for decades, stylized and diversified product lines.

Social responsibility

FZ-Forza owes its success to its quality products, sold at the right price. We're just to customers but also to all those involved in the production of our products. We make sure that employees have salaries and fair hours in a working environment course. We guarantee that no child labour is used, and the design of the products is made without the use of toxic products. Finally we are engaged in a process of sustainable development in order to reduce our carbon impact as well as the production of waste.

Younger Generation

FZ-Forza is committed to the development of the hopes of tomorrow. We want to be present to escort  the hopes  poles players in their progression in proposing as their preferred supplier. Do not hesitate to contact us to give us your sports project, we will be happy to study it and answer you.

1 % FOR Solibad

With the partnership FZ FORZA France gives 1% of the gross sales to the Solibad to help Solibad’s charity projects all around the world. On the other end Solibad promise, that the money will be going directly on the field, as done with every other donation given to the organization.

The products FZ FORZA distributes in France will have below logo attached, which will ensure an added visibility for the organization.

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